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About Us

Stephan Miermont

As a performer, athlete and trainer Stephan Miermont has had an incredible career. Several time National Champion in Synchronized swimming, Main character and original cast of O from Cirque du Soleil, US Olympic Coach for the 2008 Beijing Games…

His knowledge and unique vision bring fitness to another dimension.

Since 2003 Stephan Miermont has choreographed  2 Gold medals, 18 silver medals, 11 Bronze medals and 43 finalists routines from World Championships and Olympic games.

Anastasia Ermakova

4 times Olympic Champion, 8 times world champion with old system where there weren’t separated medals for technical and free routines.

 Since 2009 has been working as a coach and choreographer for Italy, Kazakhstan, Austria and many other national and club teams.

Credit  one gold medal,  two silver medals and one bronze medal as a choreographer for Italy mixed pair. 

In 2015 became a member of  the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Wrote a book “Dancing in the water” and published it in three languages (Russian, English and Italian).

Alexandra Vasina

Alexandra Vasina is a former russian national team member. World champion in team 1998 Perth (Australia), that was the first world championship for Russia to win; Good Will Games 1998 1st place in team; European Cup 1998 1st place in team. By junior in the duet together with Olga Brousnikina took the gold medal at Junior World Championship in Bonn 1995. Two years after at the Junior World's in Moscow Alexandra was first in solo, team and also the figures, and second in the duet.

Alexandra has graduated Russian State Academy of Physical education, sport, youth and tourism.

Now she lives and coaches in Italy